You have probably heard it all before when it comes to skincare, right? Been there, done that, bought the serum, left it in your drawer when it didn’t live up to its miraculous promises.

But at Glow It Girl, we are here to serve you and your skin exactly as you are - unique! We are the bubbly stranger in the women’s bathroom at 2am, who tells you you’re beautiful in every way and is your instant BFF.

We aren’t promising you unattainable skin perfection. Pores exist. Wrinkles happen when you're living your best life. Its time to stop chasing filtered, photoshopped, unattainable skin – and invest in the skin you’re already in, because you and your skin are worth it! At Glow It Girl, we want to make your unique self-glow with healthy, hydrated and radiant skin. It’s time for main character energy to beam out of those pores.

We pledge to never use word salads that are garnished with stale croutons like “perfect”, “anti-aging”, or “flawless”. Those aren’t realistic skin goals, and they do not sound appetising. Instead, we vow to celebrate and showcase real, unretouched skin. All skin is beautiful and that beauty is more about what’s underneath than on the surface.

We want to boost your confidence in every unique interaction. Our products are high-performing beauty solutions for your skin concerns, and they work from the inside out to deliver results and renewed radiance.

Meticulously formulated with glow-activating, skin nourishing ingredients that are informed and directed by Korean science, Glow It Girl will help you look, and more importantly feel, radiant every single day.

Honesty and transparency are the foundation of any successful relationship and we promise you both. Our products are gentle and safe for you, your skin and the environment. All our products are vegan and cruelty free, and we are always working towards better sustainability with our packaging.

Leave the quest for unattainable, perfect skin on Instagram, where it belongs. Healthy, hydrated skin is happy skin in real life. It’s time to bask in your own glow and we are here to help you shine.


I want to exterminate skin perfectionism I just want people to feel good in their unique skin, find the inner confidence and their outer glow, no matter what stage you’re at in life."

Born out of one woman's personal battle with skin insecurities, Glow It Girl is more than just a skincare brand—it's a mission to transform your skin and boost your self-esteem!

Meet Ami, Glow It Girl’s founder. After years of enduring chlorinated pools, a family history of psoriasis, and a high-stress job, her skin was left dry, inflamed, and stressed-out. But Ami is no fan of superficial quick fixes. She embarked on a quest for a genuine, long-term solution and found her answer in the secrets of Korean skincare.

Science, technology, and potent ingredients—this Holy Trinity powers the cutting-edge innovations of Korean cosmetics, and Ami harnessed their magic to create the ultimate anti-inflammatory skincare products. Four years of dedication, research, and testing have led to high-performing formulas that'll banish your skin concerns and bring out your natural radiance.

But wait, there's more to Glow It Girl! Ami wants to challenge the stigma around aging and spread joy in the journey of getting older. Say goodbye to the obsession with anti-aging, and hello to embracing every stage of life with confidence. Ami, at 39, believes that her best days are ahead—aging backwards like Benjamin Button? Nah, she's all about celebrating more than just your cheekbones!

So, join the Glow It Girl revolution today and say hello to the glowing, healthy skin you've always dreamed of. Let's rewrite the story of skincare together and embrace the beauty of every age. Because with Glow It Girl, your skin will radiate with health, and your confidence will soar to new heights! 

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