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Our healing ingredients

Centella Asiatica Extract

Centella Asiatica Extract: Improves oil balance and helps the dermis layer to enhance collagen synthesis and boost skin elasticity. It's also beneficial in the management of eczema and psoriasis. For acne sufferers, it accelerates healing and helps prevent scarring and future blemishes.

Portulaca Oleracea Extract

Portulaca Oleracea (Purslane) Extract: Possesses skin-soothing properties and is a potent antioxidant thanks to its high formulation of vitamins, C, E, and beta carotene, which have dramatic anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, astringent and wound-healing properties, which accelerate the healing of damaged skin.

Morus Alba Root Extract

Morus Alba (White Mulberry) Root Extract: Helps to calm stressed skin, which in turn reduces signs of environmental damage and fosters a brighter, more hydrated and radiant complexion.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what people are saying…

“I love everything about this serum…the bottle, the smell, the serum - all totally beautiful and highly recommended!”

– Olivia, Sydney

“I have combination skin, mild rosacea and very reactive skin. This serum is great for my skin, it soaked it up instantly.”

– Jessica, Melbourne

“My sensitive skin loves it! Not only it calms my skin, but it hydrates perfectly. Even now in the winter, when my skin is dry and tight.”

– Alice, Sydney